Adam Warburton – reflection

Adam Warburton – reflection

The week after The Big Bounce I started working full time.
Its been difficult trying to get my head to stop and focus creatively on what happened that night and   how that night impacted me.
The lead up to the event included a lot of rehearsals and the night seemed to pass by in a flash.
The morning of the Big Bounce was fun. Meeting up with Matt Cornell, Angela Goh, Sezzo Snot for a radio interview and then having a yum cha breakfast with them before the event.
I was excited to see Salazar
s artwork that night, having met him a few weeks earlier and having shared a burger and some fries with him while discussing yoga, meditation, art and life.

The party atmosphere and combination of dance event and art exhibition was a nice place for the work Our House(with dancers Sean Cheng and Paulina Bocian) to exist within. I feel Matt curated the night really well and felt safe knowing that the work was given the right space for it to breathe at PACT. Also the dance class prior by Vanessa Marion then Angela Gohs unpredictable dancesthat followed along with the artist panel and the DJ event at the end of the night made me feel that the people watching or experiencing it would understand it more in the context of the whole night.

I really enjoyed myself that night and also really enjoyed sharing the work Our Housewith everyone. I would really like to build on this piece to create a larger work and to also push the possibility of creating a work that really leaves a lot more room for others to create the work rather than having the performers or someone guide or direct it.

In a club when you are dancing and feeling free you stop thinking and start being. You become part of the collective conscious within the room and things just happen. I think this is difficult to choreograph as this just happens by people not forcing things, its the absence of a choreographer or a director that allows things to spontaneously happen, maybe this is also because people are feeling free from having to be something or someone for everything to work. This absence of pressure from the everyday is something that I love about club culture and something that Ive started thinking about since The Big Bounce. I think Ive been thinking about this for a variety of reasons, but it feels apt to mention it now.

I think my challenge at the moment is to trust. I feel if I can trust that everything will be ok in the same way that I trust in the unpredictability of a night out than I feel I wont have to create my next work, it will just happen.


Adam Warburton

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