Jake Kuzma

Jake Kuzma and Troy De La Harpe – “LK 10” (video installation in stairwell)

Some of the various dance techniques used in the film are ticking and liquid. At times the lights lap over each other and are moved in a linear sequence creating a wave. To finish the film (spoilers) there is static glitchy movement. This technique is known as ticking and similar to dime stopping and locking. Ticking is often most effective when the dancer can apply pressure to surface to gain friction and grip. Usually this is done with the dancers own body but for LK 10 Kuzma and Troy used a glass door to achieve cleaner ticking.

PACT artist page

Kuzma is an Australian artist living in China. Kuzma trained in contemporary dance and has created works for inspirational youth companies around Australia (QL2, Yellowwheel, Flipside, Drill). During and after his studies at QUT Kuzma worked for artists such as Antony Hamilton, Lisa Wilson, Claire Marshall and Cadi McCarthy. Kuzma’s own independent works have been performed in capital cities around Australia and most recently in Chengdu in China. Kuzma is known for his robotic style and casual flow. His latest work is playing with slow motion and depth in darkness.


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